Revolutionising Stormwater Management

EnviroKerb Stormwater Recycle and Detention Systems.
Due to the possible blocking up of the permeable matrix, EnviroKerb has been engineered as standalone pre-cast item. Being pre-cast allows the unique ability for the items to be exchanged with a new item quickly and easily via the cast in threaded lifting sleeves.

Urban Areas

Urban areas have expanses of constructed hard and impervious surfaces like roads, driveways, car parks, roofs and paving. When stormwater run-off flows over these hard surfaces, it readily accumulates pollutants. Stormwater pollutants originate from many different sources including fuel, oil and brake dust on our roads, excess fertilisers, soaps from cleaning and litter.

EnviroKerb can eliminate many of these pollutants from entering the waterways as well as significantly slowing the flow of water to eliminate flooding and the erosion of our rivers and creek systems.

Stormwater Recycle

EnviroKerb can be installed as a standalone item in any profile to replace traditional concrete kerb and channel items allowing stormwater to be absorbed and redirected to irrigate newly planted street trees adjacent to roadways and public open spaces.

EnviroKerb will constantly provide treated recycled water to the root ball of the tree keeping the soil moist eliminating the need for potable water being used to on tree watering.

Stormwater Detention

EnviroKerb can be used in conjunction with our Rainsmart Structural Cell Panels creating a below ground detention tank capturing stormwater runoff.

This system detains and treats stormwater by removing sediment and harmful toxins from as well as slowing down the flow rate of the water, thereby drastically reducing down-stream flooding and bank erosion of creeks and waterways. EnvroKerb eliminates the use of side entry treatment.



EnviroKerb is made from a patented permeable concrete formula to form strong, precast pervious concrete kerb products to replace traditional concrete kerb and channel to effectively capture, treat and recycle stormwater on streets, pavements and roadways.

EnviroKerb designs include:

  • Barrier Kerb and Channel
  • Spoon Drain
  • Roll Over Kerb and Channel
  • Flat slab
  • Made to measure options

This system complements Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) in the following ways:

  1. Detains large volumes of stormwater
  2. Slows down the flow rate of stormwater
  3. Drastically reduces downstream flooding and bank erosion of creeks and waterways
  4. Sends filtered stormwater back into the stormwater network
  5. Removes sediment and harmful toxins from entering the stormwater network



EnviroKerb air void ratio creates an interconnecting matrix of aggregate and cement allowing for high volumes of water to pass through.


EnviroKerb has been tested for water flow rates to ASTM1701 and has exceeded an infiltration rate of greater than 35,000mm of water per hour (>550mm per minute).

Pollution Control

Pollution control is assisted with sediment removal efficiencies of 82-95%, 65% removal of phosphorous, 80-85% removal of nitrogen, high removal rates of zinc, lead, & chemical oxygen demand.

Low Maintenance

EnviroKerb is easily maintained using conventional street sweeper vacuum truck methods

Easy Install

EnviroKerb has cast-in lifting points to allow for easy and safe installation and replacement if they become damaged or clogged.

Made to Measure

EnviroKerb can be made to measure to suit different council profiles throughout Australia.

Additional Benefits


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Pre cured inserts ready for immediate traffic loads
  • Removal and replacement if become clogged
  • Drastically reduced road closure times during installation
  • No concrete curing times required
  • Installation carried out by most civil contractors
  • Pre-Cast for fast and easy installation
  • Fully cured products ready for immediate installation and traffic loads
  • Cast in lifting points for easy removable if the units need to be replaced
  • Drastically reduced road closure times needed for installation
  • Reduced OH&S exposure
  • Wi-Fi water flow rate sensor technology 
  • Eliminates litter from entering the waterways 


  • Strength: 21mpa (attached pdf core test)
  • Slip rating of P5 (attach pdf)
  • Barrier Kerb weight approx 200kg
  • Semi Mountable Kerb weight approx 200kg
  • Spoon Drain weight approx 190kg
  • Flat Slab Channel weight approx 100kg
  • Water absorption rate of >550mm per/minute (>35,000mm per/hr)
  •  Air Void Gap = 20%


EnviroKerb is an environmentally friendly product made from the following sustainable products… 

  • Enviro-friendly blended cement
  • Recycled water
  • Non-hazardous admixture
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